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  • Memoir of the Rev. Bernard Whitman.
  • Megyn Kelly Loses It With Bernard Whitman...
  • Megyn Kelly Loses It With Bernard Whitman...
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52 Reasons to Vote for Hillary


A few weeks prior to Paronto’s interview, Lahren discussed Benghazi with a democratic strategist, Bernard Whitman. She replayed Whitman’s responses for Paronto to how he would react.

Sean Hannity sparred with Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman over the 2012 election and President Obama’s appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Hannity called the president’s sit-down with Letterman hypocritical, given the late night host’s past attacks on Sarah Palin’s daughter versus the president calling Sandra Fluke to offer support after Rush Limbaugh’s comments.


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Bernard Whitman is a political pollster and strategist in the . He makes regular appearances on , and has appeared as a commentator and strategist on , , , , and .