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Best Of 2Pac - Part 1: Thug


The separately packaged two-part Best of 2Pac series released in 2007 features four fewer songs than the fairly definitive double-disc Greatest Hits collection previously released in 1998, and of the 21 songs spread across two packages (less than an hour of music per disc), about a quarter are posthumous productions or remixes. For every classic like "California Love," there's a latter-day remix such as the newly produced version of "Dear Mama" on the Thug release or the "previously unreleased" song "Dopefiend's Diner" on the Life release.

The Best of 2PacDJ M-Rock once again! This time he compiles a dope "Best Of 2 Pac" mix. One of the best issues so far from the Toronto born DJ, who brought us also the best of mixes from A Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z, Biggie and many more. M-Rock definitely...


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