Beth scolds Daryl for not trying to track their friends.
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  • Beth and Daryl. You have no idea how much I ship this. It's past the point of obsession. Way past.
  • beth and daryl can’t be seperated wtf i love them no no no — v a l e ♛ (@rewrite_me)
  • , does whatever Beth and Daryl have going on between them kinda creep anyone else out? ?

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As “Walking Dead” fans know, some SERIOUS drama went down in For the past couple of weeks, viewers have watched as Beth and Daryl grew closer after the prison attack. Forced to rely on each other for survival, Beth began to break down Daryl’s wall, opening him up to hope and goodness. But by the end of Sunday night’s episode, Daryl was right back where he started with a group of bad, bad men.

For those that missed episode 13, Beth and Daryl sought shelter in a funeral home after Beth injured her foot in an animal trap. The building may have been abandoned, but the person who had been there left it clean and full of food … and a couple of embalmed walker bodies. Beth believed that a “good” person was staying there, but Daryl had his doubts.


The Walking Dead 4x01 — Beth and Daryl

He never thought he'd see her again. That is until she walked through those gates looking none the worse for wear. Beth came to the safe zone with Morgan Jones, the very man who had helped save her life. Somehow she had survived a bullet to the head. But she has a secret; one that could destroy them all or maybe, it could just save them. Can Beth and Daryl finally be together?