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Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix - 19 OZ Box

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MAMIE M. SWIHART, 88, passed away on April 1, 1988. Swihart was born in Goshen to the late William and Barbara Johnston Cookson and was a homemaker. Her husband Jack S. died in 1947. She resided in Canton before moving to Goshen, in 1968 to care for her grandchildren following the death of her daughter Betty Krocker. Betty’s husband Louis had passed away from a heart attack approximately 1 year previously. The grandchildren are Nadine Badertscher (now deceased), Dan (Diane) Krocker, of Navarre, Becky (Don) Shrewsberry, of Springfield, Ohio and Helen (Steve) Whiting, of California. She was buried at Evergreen Burial Park at New Philadelphia.

A well-named band whose namesake, , doesn't just love his favorite band, the Ramones, he tried out for them on bass a few years after C.J. left, and almost got the job. What to do instead? Form bands that borrow the ethics of your fave without being a tribute -- New York's is his latest one. On the trio's Gets a Record (also a reference to the famous Curious George monkey, pictured on the sleeve with a leather jacket and cool shades), Joey Ramone himself is a guest on "I Am Gilligan" (entire lyrics: "I wear a white hat/I wear a red shirt/They all think I'm stupid/One day I'll kill them/I am Gilligan"). But it's the driving, paranoiac-yet-fun frenzy of "I Got a Gun" (entire lyrics: "I gotta gun/You better run/I kill for fun") and "Betty Krocker, Punk Rocker," along with Tabb's gravel-nutso voice, that define this crazy, zippy CD. A treat for Angry Samoans/Metal Mike fans.


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