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  • A cat named Big Ernie wakes up one day to find his boy, Little Henry, packing boxes and preparing them for a move from the big city to Sante Fe, Arizona

Big Ernie's New Home: A Story for Young Children Who Are Moving


Big Ernie likes to travel and do things few other salmon would think of doing. Never mind could! Sometimes people think that Big Ernie acts a little too human. There are lots of pictures of places Big Ernie has been and people she has seen. Did you notice that we said "she." That is because she is a female. Her real name is Ernice, but she prefers to be called “Big Ernie.”

Big Ernie travels all over the united states by truck, car, airplane,boat and even by hand carry. There are plenty of fish pictures of Big Ernie with lots of friends, doctors, dentists, audiologists, musicians, large animals, even aliens and much more. She is especially fond of music. See lots of old time, country and bluegrass musicians with the big girl. She loves honkytonks and music festivals and she is a party gal.


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