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Star Trek Starships U.S.S. Vengeance Vehicle Special & Mag.


As from a legal point, the biggest ship would be subject to the laws of the country whose flag she flies and also to the international maritime law. Freedom ship would follow a cruise ship rules and regulations.

The design sizes of the biggest ship in the world in project are length of 4,500 feet, height of 350 feet and width of 750 feet. The longest ship in the world currently, , would be nearly 3 times smaller and would be 4 times smaller than the Freedom Ship.


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The easiest plan is to book a cruise and island hop, and if your'e going to take a cruise you might as well do it right. In this case, "right" entails having unlimited dining, a basketball court, multiple pools, 3D movie theaters, miniature golf courses, and attractive people everywhere you look all on a ship that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. We compiled the biggest and most impressive vessels that travel the seas, including the Independence, Divina, and Freedom. These are the 10 Biggest Cruise Ships in the World.