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  • BJ Daniels, Seahawks 3rd string Quarterback, was discovered at the Seattle Regional Combine
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Into Dust (The Montana Hamiltons)


I thought that BJ Daniels played his lights out during preseason and looked like he could step in for Wilson if he got hurt and pick up from where he left off if needed. I was hoping BJ Daniels would be the backup instead of holding out and waiting for Tavaris “I want more money or playing time” Jackson.

BJ Daniels is a BALLER! Dude makes things happen. He’s a clone of Wilson, only probably doesn’t throw as well, but he throws fine. I’d take his mistakes at QB and beat the crap out of most NFL defenses with Daniels as a QB. Gigantic sleeper.


BJ Daniels Celebrity Basketball Game

BJ Daniels has no problems just taking off and running, like Delray said, and with the spread type offense they run, it gives him plenty of open space/lanes to do it