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Are you a notebook collector? Do you love the feeling of cracking open a new journal and writing down your first notes in it? Then savor that feeling with a couple of great Black And White notebooks and journals from our marketplace! Whether you need a new Black And White notebook for school, work, jotting down your innermost thoughts, or for writing that novel you’ve had in the back of your mind for years, our selection cannot be beat. You can choose to buy a pocket journal to carry around with you for quick access or a larger spiral bound notebook for use in your class or at work. With so many different design options to choose from you are sure to have a Black And White notebook or journal that stands out!

Black and white picture books for newborns have been around for years - Lazenby always gives them to new parents as a present ("They say, 'Where's the cute teddy bear?'") - but this is the first time anyone has suggested babies might enjoy contemporary art. Although the project has a tongue-in-cheek feel (and is surely designed less for babies than for parents who want to get up to speed on contemporary art), as Stoppard puts it: "If you are going to introduce images to your baby, why not introduce very good ones?" Indeed, if you are going to put pictures up in the nursery, then why not a challenging Opie image instead of a hideous Teletubbies frieze? Perhaps putting a Malevich above the cot is no more pretentious than some faux vintage Babar poster. However, the project has limits, says Stoppard: "Will it encourage an artistic temperament? No. That is going way too far."


Black and White by David Macaulay