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Schizophrenia: Understanding Symptoms Diagnosis & Treatment


Holly: This book is too old for my public library – we like to keep medical books closer to five years – but the cover is also pretty funny! Submitter is right – that’s an interesting font choice for a book about schizophrenia. The poor guy on the cover with the various expressions is another interesting choice.

The font is suspect, too. I could swear I’ve seen other books on schizophrenia with wild fonts like that, as well. Maybe it’s that book I’m thinking of?


Recommended Books - Schizophrenia and Mental Illness

Even more, some readers may question the difference between this book and other books on schizophrenia and SMI. With so many books on the shelves of similar content, it can be difficult for writers to find their niche on a broad topic such as SMI, draw and maintain an audience of interested readers, and provide fresh information. Sadly, Baldwin is not the only mother who has written a book to share personal details and highlight barriers to equality. This book may fade into the background for readers who have already read thousands of similar books.