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  • Oh hells yeah. I loved the first two books so much. Really great characters and insane twists. ;D Thanks, Amy!! xoxox
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The Buried Book


Ann gets the ideas for her books from many different places. Some are based on personal experiences, while others are based on childhood memories and feelings. Many are written about contemporary problems or events. All of Ann's characters, even the members of the Baby-sitters Club, are made up. But many of her characters are based on real people. Sometimes Ann names her characters after people she knows, and other times she simply chooses names that she likes.

The Art of Waiting is essential reading for those interested in what an essay today can do,” says John Francisconi at Bank Square Books in Mystic, Conn. “Boggs is somehow able here to transform the clinical and sedate language of infertility treatments into a beautiful song of hope, and transformation. The metaphors Boggs finds for her travails sing, and the patient quality of her narration stuns.”


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