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The Boondock Saints

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The “Legion” part of the title apparently refers to the legions of people who, inspired by the McManus boys, decide to become vigilantes themselves. Additionally, The Boondock Saints 3: Legion will look back at the McManuses’ beginnings, flashing back to their “very first crime.”

Being a huge fan of the first film, it's kind of difficult to admit this, but The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day just fell short.

The major flaw with the original was that it was a Tarantino-esquire action spoof that was attempting to be serious. Complete with over the top shootout scenes, campy dialog, and insanely unrealistic situations, whether the creators knew it or not, the original Boondock Saints was never meant to be taken seriously. It was just a fun movie.

Anyway, about 15 minutes into this film, it seems as though Troy Duffy had realized this and decided to embrace what the first film should have always been: an entertaining, over-the-top, shoot 'em up flick.

Enter Julie Benz and the three detectives.

See, what made the three detectives from the first Saints funny was not the dimwitted, slapstick gimmick they had in this film, it was Willem Dafoe. It wasn't that they were THAT dumb, it was that Smecker was THAT good. The weird guy was better than the average joes could have ever dreamed to be, and laughs ensued.

In Boondocks 2, you have three actors who are trying way too damn hard to be funny, followed by Julie Benz trying to play a female Paul Smecker. These characters worked in the first film because they actually had a decent performance to play off of.

Don't get me wrong, Julie Benz is great on Dexter, but she was just god awful in this movie. They might as well have tried to pass off that Smecker had a sex change, and that he and Bloom were the same person. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in this case, it was probably an insult. Also, the Southern Accent was just atrocious.

Aside from that, this film seemed to have expanded on what the original should have always been. There was more laughs, more action, and more blatantly forced accents. Hell, even the obvious replacement for Rocco wasn't half bad.

Dump every scene with Bloom, Greenly, Duffy, and Dolly, and you have yourself a sequel that nearly matches the original.

However, they were still in the movie, and they ruined it every time they were on screen.



So does anyone know when Boondock saints 3 comes out

, the TV arm of feature-film financing, production and sales company , a subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Reliance ADA, has acquired rights to cult 1999 movie for a TV series adaptation. , writer-director of the original film and its sequel, 2009’s The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, will write the potential series — envisioned as a prequel to the movies — and will direct the first episode. He also will executive produce along with two of the films’ producers — Don Carmody of Don Carmody Television and Lloyd Segan of Piller-Segan — and D. Matt Geller, who brought the project to IM Global.