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  • Kevin Borick, QC is a highly regarded criminal-law barrister in ,[] and the president of the .
  • addition to his responsibilities at Superior, Mr. Borick is President
  • Borick also serves on the Board of Directors, is Chairman of the

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Dr. Borick is an amazing teacher! Very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject, he will make you like Chemistry even more! However, prepare to study and work hard for your grade, his class is not peanuts, but if you show a really good amount of effort he will reward you. Recommended for Chemistry majors!

I can sum up Mr Borick in a few words. He Brags about how great he is and treats this students like morons. Don't take his class, you gotta hate this guy. He has the biggest ego.


Borick, Steven J. - The Wall Street Transcript

Barry Rabe and Christopher Borick present findings from their Spring 2012 National Survey of American Public Opinion on Climate Change survey in two papers.