• 4. Born on the Fourth of July
  • Nothing Cruise has done will prepare you for what he does in Born on the Fourth of July.
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Born on the Fourth of July


2. Calvin Coolidge. The only president born on the Fourth of July, Coolidge was the 30th president and he was born in 1872 in Vermont.

10. Ron Kovic. The disabled Vietnam Vet really was “Born on the Fourth of July,” which was the title of his autobiography and the Oliver Stone movie from 1989.


Born on the Fourth of July Movie Review (1989) | Roger Ebert

Top 10 famous movies of tom cruise - Here is the top 10 best tom cruise movies. let’s stroll down, shall we? the majority of the people forgets that tom cruise has worked with some big time directors. back in 1989, when he joined oliver stone’s born on the fourth of july, a lot of the.