• Love the Brat Pack movies
  • Written and Directed by John Hughes, Sixteen Candles is considered to be the first Brat Pack movie.
  • Whenever we watched a Brat Pack movie, we always found someone we could relate to.
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Brat Pack Collection (The Breakfast Club/ Sixteen Candles/ Weird Science)


Beyond the two primary films, there is no generally accepted list of "Brat Pack" movies. While Blum's article credits , a 1981 starring with Cruise and Penn, as the first Brat Pack movie, the list of movies below represents the more traditional filmography, with each movie including at least two core members in starring roles:

Membership of the 'official' Brat Pack is dependent upon being in either St Elmo's Fire or The Breakfast Club, but there were a lot of other young actors and actresses starring in other films, who could feasibly be considered in the same vein - so I have widened the net a bit, but I think they could all legitimately be called Brat Pack movies.


NipClub: Eighties Brat Pack Movie Tribute Pawty Feb. 6th, 2014

The Brats will be coming to New York this month to promote St. Elmo’s Fire, which all of them seem rather obsessed with. Each new Brat Packer movie carries with it an increased burden–if it is not a success, the young unknowns starring in the hit movie of the momentmight come up from behind and replace them. And that would mean the end of the kind of ensemble efforts that created the Brat Pack.