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Thad Busby; Brian Griese; Peyton Manning; Ryan Leaf (Football Card) 1998 Pinnacle Inside Stand Up Guys Promo #22-CD

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Brian Busby: I'd say the source of interest varies with each title. Reading , for example, was a return to a book that I'd first owned as an adolescent. All these decades later, I was curious about what was likely the second or third Canadian novel I'd ever read. Carroll's book is most certainly "Ignored and Forgotten"—and, truth be told, deserves no other fate—but it is a part of our literary history. So much of our popular writing is simply not recognized by those who teach the canon. Take Brian Moore's early pulp novels, for example. There were seven in all, beginning with his (Harlequin, 1951), but you won't find these mentioned in most reference works prepared by our professors. holds up (Andre Deutch, 1955) as Moore's "brilliant first novel". , repeats the error, adding that Moore "wrote his first three novels here." In fact, the correct number is ten. How to explain this ignorance?

Brian Busby is a writer, ghostwriter, literary historian and bibliophile. He is the author of and editor of . His regular column, The Dusty Bookcase, focuses on CanLit’s ignored, neglected, forgotten, and suppressed.


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