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What Lies Beneath

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“As a family owned company, we fully understand the importance of legacy properties,” said Brian Henson, Chairman of The Jim Henson Company. “The Discworld series is a richly developed world with devoted fans, myself included, and there is no one better than Rhianna to bring Terry’s beloved project to life on the big screen.”

Detective Sgt. Brandon Garland of the Washington Police Department told News 18 Brian Henson, 45, is believed to be in the area. He said more specially in the area of Lafayette, Monticello or Burnettsville.


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Brian Henson also recently directed . He performed Augustus Pfiffle in , a puppet-hosted, improvisational talk show, in which he has joined once again with Bill Barretta, who performed co-host Delbert Kastle. He is also involved with . In 2007, Barretta and Henson wrote, produced, and directed LOGO's , and they perform the puppets of Bobby Vegan and Samson Knight. He also directed and is executive producer of . Henson is currently the lead judge of a reality series,