Cleansing the Heart: Buddhist Bowing As Contemplation
  • Create YOUR own Buddha Bowl:
  • Dressing YOUR Buddha Bowl:
  • Sometimes people forget when they bow to the ideal, rather than the idol, a thousand Pure Buddhas bow back . . .
  • Big Buddha Bow Clutch

Three Steps, One Bow: American Buddhist Monks' 1,100-mile Journey for World Peace

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I like it! Buddha bowl teacup fits in the palm of your hand. Would feel so good on a cold morning... | #Teaset #tea #teatime #teacups #te #teapot

As we sit for our regular evening dinner, sometimes one of my kids will joke about Mom’s crazy Buddha Bowl. But mostly, they've come to expect my big bowl, usually filled with tons of raw kale, veggies, some whole grain or beans, and at times they even ask to finish my leftovers! For me this ritual contributes to my health and connects me to Dad each evening as I say my blessing of gratitude for his love and my life …


Buddhist Bowing as Contemplation