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Hi, I'm James, with JNC Home Repair. Today I'm going to show you how to buy a reciprocating saw as a gift. First of all you just need to know a little something about who you're buying the saw for, if he's just going to be using it occasionally, or if he's going to be using it for like work and using it all the time. You may want to also consider what kind of uses he's going to be using it for. I've got two models here, I've got a cordless model, and then I have an electric model that actually plugs into the wall. The electric model is going to be a little bit more heavy duty, it's going to be a little bit more dependable. It's not going to die out on you, it's not going to bog down. With this battery operated model you're going to have a problem with the batteries dying here and there, and sometimes they don't last very long. You may be in the middle of cutting a post and it may not even cut all the way through before the battery dies. So this, the battery operated models, are usually for smaller type applications, smaller uses, but they're also good for, if you're out somewhere, if you're out just...I use mine to cut tree limbs and stuff, and it's also good for out in the yard, you don't have to run an extension cord. You can just go out there, plug and go, and you're ready to go. But this one right here is a lot more heavy duty, it's going to cut through stuff a lot quicker and a lot faster. And basically that's just the basic two models that you have and those are the two things to consider when you're buying one as a gift.

The top 2 products of Alamos Malbec from Argentina and Barefoot Melot are two perfect examples of poor quality wine in my opinion, that people will buy as a gift based on pricepoint and that alone. Both of these products are labels that are owned by the Gallo Family of Wines. The Alamos Malbec is so young and thin almost like grape juice and doesn’t resemble anything close to what a malbec should taste like and All Barefoot wines although sold in many places including every single, Walmart, Drug Store, Pubix Supermarket, and Gas Stations are what we call Non-Vintage Wines (No Year where the grapes come from) This results in every single bottle in a case of any Barefoot Wine tasting totally different from the next. Reviewers can’t review any Barefoot Products because the bottle they review is going to taste totally different from the bottle you purchase. But of course, according to my customers, I don’t understand thier personal budget restrictions !!! Now Check this Out:


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