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Cake Pop Crush: A Wish Novel


CAKE POP CRUSH is a delightful and sweet story that will no doubt be enjoyed by many girls, and will definitely spark an interest in baking! Highly recommended for middle schoolers, or older readers who want something fluffy and light.

The beginning of this book can be a little cheesy, but if you keep reading it, it starts to get really good. I like how it describes how the characters feel in the books and how they face the little challenges along the way. It shows how the main character, Alicia, has to help save her families bakery " Say it Flour ". She helps by selling her cake pops at school, having a fundraiser at her bakery, and having a bake off with the bakery down the street, which is her comepetion throughout the book. But, every time she tries to do something, it always go wrong. Even though Alicia's ideas go to waste, she keeps trying. Also, I like how here friends are always by her side no matter what. All in all, Cake Pop Crush is a great book and has a great lesson and meeting to it.


Cake Pop Crush Nelson, Suzanne AR Quiz No