A five minute version of Captain Blood starring Errol Flynn
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  • Captain Blood is tentatively slated for a 2011 release.
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Captain Blood


If you are new to Audible and wish to start your subscription off with a clash, boom and a bang. This read is it. Great narration and well written, this book will keep you thrilled and spellbound all the way through. Sabatini creates the original "Pirates of the Carribean." A true bildungsroman. You will know right away this is where Walt must have gotten his nascent notion behind the ride. "Captain Blood" has had a long shelf life but it is still a fresh read. Avail yourself of a book credit when you procure this title.

I hesitated before ordering Captain Blood. I shouldn’t have.

This story has its share of swashbuckling adventure, but it is mostly about the trials and tribulations of one man, Peter Blood. Blood’s miseries include a false accusation, slavery and an untouchable woman.

In spite of his oppressions, Blood triumphs in the end. How he does is a great story. This unabridged version moves along so well, I don’t see how an editor could leave anything out to create an abridged version.

So well read by Robert Whitfield that I also bought Scaramouche by the same narrator and the same author, Rafael Sabatini. Audio quality is excellent.


Discuss Captain Blood on our Movie forum!

Sabatini first introduced the character Captain Blood in a series of eight short stories in as , published from December 1920 to March 1921, and reprinted in from January to May 1921, with a novella "Captain Blood's Dilemma", published in in April 1921 (and in October 1921). The -like of these tales was then woven by Sabatini into a continuous narrative in novel form, published as in 1922.