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CarmaSutra Sex Positions is car version of KamaSutra.
Car Kamasutra contains pictures and description of sex positions which you can practice in your car.
You can enjoy different sex positions everyday with your partner.
The app also include motorcycle sex positions.

Features:SMS/Email, Rate, Random.

Enjoy practicing car sex positions!

The Bumper Cars sex position is a very exotic one. Even the name is a little ‘out there’. The interesting thing about the Bumper Cars position is that some consider it to be a complete novelty position while others say that they enjoy it. You’ll have to try it to see if you like it as much as other sex positions in .To perform the Bumper Cars position, your man is going to first need to check that his penis is flexible enough. If he is standing up straight, then he needs to be able to point it directly downwards towards the ground quite comfortably before even trying the Bumper Cars.


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No matter what make or model you’re driving, as long as it’s got 4 wheels (5, including the steering wheel), you can try out any of our suggested car sex positions, provided you take the following precautions before taking any of them for a spin: