• Pink Cat Pen
  • Each Cute Cat Pen is made from plastic with a standard black biro insert. Cellophane wrapped.
  • Yay! You're now following cat pen in your .
  • Yay! You're now following cat pens in your .

BuW Japanese Style Cartoon Cat Head Gel Pen(Random Color) , cute creative Stationery and office supplies

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Indoor cats generally crave the outdoors. They are hypnotized by the sounds, bugs, birds, etc. that they encounter through the glass. Outdoor cat pens are ideal for giving your cat the outdoor experience in a safe and controlled environment. There are different kinds of outdoor cat pens. Some are made of wire with a wooden frame, while others are actually tunnels that allow your cat to roam freely in a large area.

Our Lucky Cat pens are based on the very popular figurine you've probably seen in Japanese or Chinese restaurants and shops. The Fortune Cat or Maneki Neko, as it's known in Japan, is considered a lucky charm, bringer of good fortune and something that can ward off evil spirits. All we know for certain is they're super cute and we're lucky to have found them. The four designs have different little kitty cats on each lid and they all swivel around. The barrels of the pens vary in detail, ranging from fishes on the red, dragonflies on the blue, flowers on the white and gold crosses on the black pen. They have a 0.5mm fineline nib and write in blue or black ink. They really are beautifully made and look pretty just sat on your desk, much like a real cat. You want good fortune? You want good luck? You want noodles with that?


Cat Pen With Led Torch And Sound Effects. | Pink Cat Shop

Cages By Design, is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer who specializes in making custom bird, reptile and cat cages. They offer a number of convenient features that guarantee the quality and versatility of your outdoor cat pen or outdoor cat playpen.