• [Hook] [Hook (with CatDog echoed)]
  • CatDog Season One - Opening Credits
  • Cat becomes fat as a result of becoming rich and famous.
  • When CatDog go trick or treating, Dog gobbles up the whole candy making him gain weight.

CatDog is forgotten in this Generation. 🙁

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As points out, Omran represents all of the innocent lives suffering in the war. With his CatDog t-shirt and ruffled hair, he's easily relatable. And like Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old child whose lifeless body washed ashore in Turkey nearly one year ago, he offers a chilling reminder that while voters and world leaders argue politics, children are facing daily tragedies.

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Episode Description : Flea or Die! / CatDog Food


Just a feline, canine, little CatDog

The series follows the adventures of CatDog, a of a cat and dog with two heads (one at either end of its single body) and no tail or hind legs. The series depicts them as opposites, with disparate interests: Dog loves rock n' roll, Cat loves Opera and classical polka. Dog loves to chase garbage trucks, Cat loves to read. However, they are best friends.