Catherine Chiarelli - 10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Fat Burner
  • Introducing Catherine Chiarelli (actress/fitness host)
  • The shot cuts to Aziz Ansari sitting on a bed with Catherine Chiarelli.
  • Catherine Chiarelli: Mmm, Gates, you were so funny tonight.
  • Catherine Chiarelli: What are you talking about?

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There are dozens and dozens of ab workout DVDs and videos out there. Lots of them are effective. Not that many of them are fun, and is one of them. The peppy Catherine Chiarelli offers up a high-energy workout that gets you moving right away. The 19-minute standing segment is a little dancey. The creative moves will make you work your lower body and sweat a little while going for your abs as the main course. By the time you're done with this part of the workout, you're ready to hit the floor and power through the crunch variations that Chiarelli gives you. By the end of the DVD you're abs are burning and you're in a cheerful mood — can you think of another DVD that can do that for you?

Welcome to Crunch Fitness! If you want flat, sleek, toned abs, look no further! Fat Burning Ab Attack is the only workout you’ll ever need to get (and keep) those washboard abs! The secret to a flat midsection involves muscle-toning and fat-burning elements. This program gives you the benefits of both in one concise, no-nonsense workout! Instructor Catherine Chiarelli expertly leads you through a standing, totally ab-focused cardio segment developed to help burn of excess belly fat so there’s nothing hiding those underlying ab muscles from view! You’ll then move to the mat for a targeted, routine that hits the abs from all angels to maximize toning and definition. If you’re looking for a flat, toned, tight midsection you’ll be proud to show off, start attacking your abs today!


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