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Cavallini Papers & Co Vertical Vintage Poster Kit


Hair-on hides. Fur fun.
For the trend conscious, you can add fun, flair and fashion to any surrounding. The bright colors dazzle. Beautiful colors on hair. Our unendangered species in natural exotic classics, or pop colors. Cavallini can instantly change a room, create a mood, offer an atmosphere. Chic and glamorous. Fun and flirty. The texture is soft and allows for inventive interiors.

Departing from a typical runway show, Emilio Cavallini used a "sexy, intimate cinematic experience" channeling Bettie Page to present his Fall 2012 legwear collection.


Cavallini Co., Inc Stained Glass Studio

At some time in the early 1290s Cavallini executed his most famous works, a fresco, frescoes of scenes (only fragments survive), and an Annunciation in Santa Cecilia in Trastevere in Rome. Here the classicizing elements of his mosaics are consolidated in a powerful and grandly expressive style best illustrated by a beautiful and lively group of seated Apostles, highly individualized, whose solidity of form is completely successful in defining the space around them. A further important feature is the use of soft, rich colour harmonies and shading.