• Enlightened by CC Brown
  • Charlotte Bowerbank, a client of CC Brown, says she paid $3,000 five years ago and got nothing out of the deal but bankruptcy.
  • CC Brown’s on Sunday afternoons, usually after a visit to Travel Town in Griffith Park
  • I have copies of CC Brown original menu available for sale.

Compromising (Fraternizing #2)

Too low to display

Though the ice cream shop will be closed, the Schumacher family will continue to make and sell CC Brown sauces, starting with the famous hot fudge sauce, through specialty stores, by mail and through the Internet.

CC Brown Law is not a reputable firm to engage if you are considering a Loan Modifcation. They way over promise and way under deliver. I have been in their offices and they do not look anything like the conference room on their home page. It is an absolute disaster with files and people stacked everywhere. It is all about collecting a fee from you before you know what's happening. They have people working for them who simply don't know what they are doing. They have been fined by the Utah Division of Real Estate and regularly break the law in the general course of business.