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AmazonBasics Nylon CD/DVD Binder (400 Capacity)


You may notice that the BOB DYLAN Archive CD Storage book includes only one storage slot for this album/CD, even though it is a 2 CD release. We did this for practical reasons: because the slot below GHII is for the early 1970s Dylan which never appeared on CD, an album that never has officially appeared on CD (and most likely never will), we thought this would be a practical place for most collectors to store the second disc of GHII and avoid a “blank space” in their book (and we know how those blank spaces drive collectors crazy). If however you create your own “home made” Dylan CD (legally, of course, from your own LP version), you can alternatively store both CDs of GHII in the single CD storage space provided (you can actually store 2 CDs in any CD storage space in the CD Storage Book. We recommend using one of the paper CD coasters in between the CDs if stored this way).

If you are only going to store the CD booklets and CDs, then you probably will never need the velcro buttons. You probably do not need them either if you store the mini LP sleeves the recent mono CDs are packaged in, as these fit nice and snugly themselves. However, if you want the extra security, especially if you are accessing the CDs often, the velcro buttons work well.


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Trays are the most popular way to hold one or two discs into a DVD or CD book. They allow a view of the entire disc surface, and since the trays are normally clear, you can see the art underneath. You have the option of aligning your disc art with the panel beneath. Trays can be used with any method of construction.

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