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Britney-Galaxy is challenging YOU to promote Glory at your local CD stores! We are asking fans to go to there local CD stores (FYE, Target, Best Buy, ETC), to fill the shelves with all “Glory” CDS on Friday, August 26th! The most creative fan may receive a special prize! Be sure to tag Britney-Galaxy to be entered into this contest. The deadline for this contest will end Monday August, 29th. Have fun and be creative!!!

I recently drove to the only remaining CD store within reasonable driving distance of where I live. It is an FYE chain CD and video store. The selection was never great, and most items were overpriced. But it was the last remaining CD store for me after the Tower Records stores closed down a few years ago. I would go there occasionally to browse, and over the years there were a few CDs I wanted to get on the first day out, so I would go to this store.


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So - questions:

Are you buying music?

What format do you buy? CD? Vinyl? DVD? Some/all of them?

Is the CD dead?

Do you have a problem paying for mp3s - buying something that you actually can't physically see?

Did you know about the Marbecks-scatterings around the country? And what do you think of them?

Do you have a favourite music shop to purchase from or are you a bargain hunter?

What do you think of JB Hi-Fi as a music store?

Do you download?

How important is it for you to trust the people behind the counter? Do you care if the people in the shop have knowledge? Or do you know what you're looking for every time anyway?

I used to work for - this was an embarrassing place to work when someone wanted a CD. I felt embarrassed because sometimes customers would recognise me from other music stores where I had worked (I worked for The CD & DVD Store - mostly in its CD Store-only days - and I worked for Tandys) and I was often unable to help them in this store (where maybe I had been helpful before) because of backwards ordering systems; no plan behind the layout of the music and a lack of attention or interest to train the staff in that area (the company that is, not me).