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Chance or the Dance: A Critique of Modern Secularism


To compare under- and over-consumption patterns of ROP groups with national dietary recommendations, five research institutions within the CHANCE consortium conducted a nutritional study through a survey questionnaire. This was done with 1,290 participants across Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia and the UK. They compared dietary trends between a ROP group of people and a control group.

The majority of Revelry’s funding (25.7 percent) came from the Wisconsin Union, according to the press kit. Wisconsin Union Directorate and Innovative Fund both funded 18.3 percent, Memorial Union Building Association funded 14.7 percent and the chancellor funded 7.3 percent. Sponsors including University of Wisconsin housing, Division of Student Life and City of Madison contributed to the remainder of the budget.


If you give me a chance, I know I can do a good job

Henri Poincare

"To begin with, what is chance? The ancients distinguished between the phenomena which seemed to obey harmonious laws, established once for all, and those that they attributed to chance, which were those that could not be predicted because they were not subject to any law. In each domain the precise laws did not decide everything, they only marked the limits within which chance was allowed to move. In this conception, the word chance had a precise, objective meaning; what was chance for one was also chance for the other and even for the gods.