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  • Charles James Martin (September 1886 – August 9, 1955) was an American modernist artist and arts instructor
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Maggie (Awakening Series #2)


Charles James Martin (September 1886 – August 9, 1955) was an artist and arts instructor. He worked in a variety of media including etching, lithography, water color, monotype, linocut, woodcut, oil, photography, mezzotint and silversmithing. Born in in 1886, Martin emigrated to the USA as a boy and lived out the remainder of his life as an American. He studied art under at Dow’s Summer School of Art as well as at , where he became an instructor himself in 1914.

MONSTERS OF OLD LOS ANGELES- The Prehistoric Animals of the La Brat Tar Pits BY CHARLES ML MARTIN. Illustrated by Herb Raybum. Contents include: Acknowledgments 7 Foreword 9 1. The Sage of the Ages 13 2. Eat to Live 20 3. Primordial Supremacy 29 4. The Stampede 38 5. A New Home 45 6. Life at La Brea 52 7. Ricky Arrives 58 8. Ricky and Racky 67 9. The Rains Come 74 10. The Miracle of Life 81 11. The Greatest Tragedy 88 12. Six-Ton Mother Love 95 13. Thanksgiving Day at La Brea 103 14. The Land of Plenty 110 15. Go West, Young Man 117 Addenda The La Brea Excavations 125


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