• Charles Rocket, 1981
Charles Rocket (, –, ) voiced the   in  and . He was credited as Charlie Rocket in both games.


Charles Rocket was an accomplished accordion player.


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  • 1980: Charles Rocket (Ronald Reagan) d. Joe Piscopo (Jimmy Carter)

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Of Rocket's tenure in the Ocean State, the ProvidencePhoenix writes, "He was a towering figure in the undergroundarts scene in the Providence of the 1970s. He heavily influencedTalking Heads, the Young Adults, and dozens of other bands. Thosewho were active then will tell you that Charles Rocket, in manyways, helped create the template for theunderground/hipster/bohemian art scene here and elsewhere."

Suicide is the only honorable way for a comedian to die. ThusCharles Rocket, the former Saturday Night Live star,weatherman, in the little-but-great state of Rhode Island,and guest star in scores of films and TV shows, the respect that was denied him in life.


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One of the few truly “dangerous” moments of the infamous Jean Doumanian SNL run from 1980-1981 came from a louche, too-handsome 30-year-old comedian named Charlie Rocket, and it caused the whole cast to be fired, and Jean too. She packaged Rocket as the new Murray/Chase hybrid handsome guy — confident, a little clueless, and able to pratfall one second and deliver straight-faced news the next — but instead Rocket found his style overshadowed by the surprise success of the much more streetwise Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy.