• Bellissima canzone cantata da Claudio Chieffo
  • Gabriella Chieffo, founder of the brand
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Stained Glass: From its Origins to the Present


It is with great sadness as I give my most heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
I was a student in Mr. Chieffo’s bio30 class back in 2005. I still remember how relieved I was to be in his class, because I knew that all the other students told me of how much they loved him as a teacher and that definitely rang true with my own experience with him. I was never really a strong student in high school, but Mr. Chieffo’s class really inspired me to keep trying and to work even harder. He truly made every effort to support students in their journey as best as he could. He fostered an amazing learning environment so that students were given the right tools to succeed. That made all the difference in the world to me as a student during my high school years.

The Knights return two starters on the offensive line in Nolan Melchert (6-1, 235) and Justin Wright (6-3, 305). They’ll be joined by Brock Grenier (6-3, 245), Nico Chieffo (6-1, 210) and junior center Payton O’Neill (5-11, 215).



Actually, finding myself thinking about all the various mixtures of water and salt, I thought about the sea, tears and amniotic fluid ... An image came to me: a woman on a beach (maybe Salento seeing as I live in Lecce) ... a woman that probably had to cross gardens of citrus fruits to get there, there is neroli in the head notes, and then decided to dive into the sea, in that expanse of endless water. She decided to leave behind the safety of firm land, where we rest our feet, unfailing ... she finds herself immersed in this salty liquid, in this acquasala and she feels nothing compared to the vastness that surrounds her ... but this acknowledgement is not approval to the tranquillity that grows within. It is nothing but part of everything. And she begins to remember that she already felt like this, in another Aquasala, the amniotic fluid that used to envelop her, when from spit it became flesh, cherished by breathing, rocked by heartbeats. Now that she finds herself wrapped up and bound by the sea, she recognizes the smell. That never-ending smell that is the end of all smells, that mathematical function that is the sum of other functions, which she has already perceived in the womb, in a sort of existential loop, a woman who has already achieved important milestones, who has carried out the ritual and who has understood the power and magic of regenerating by generating, becomes foetus again to understand the mystery of existence. She, who seemed to have forgotten that mix of sensations that, together, combine to create a single one, unique and perfectly defined, finds it again in a fragrance: .