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Small Miracles: The Precious Gift of Childern


Research in early childhood art education has enjoyed an increased amount of attention over the recent years (e.g., Bresler, 1994; Kindler, 1996; Matthews, 1999; Piscitelli, 1996; Thompson, 1995; Wright, 2000). A review of the literature shows multiple forces pulling in different directions, with policy statements emerging from the field of early childhood and the field of art education. Uncertainties are perpetuated in a number of common beliefs or myths about the nature of art, development, and creativity of young children (Kindler, 1996).

...the home of fun and modern art for children by artist and designer Gale Kaseguma. There's a wide collection of prints, original art and more to explore. Look around and learn about these vibrant paintings, the inspiration behind them, how these one-of-a-kind pieces are created.


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