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The Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes Breakdown - NOT - Euphoria: Hard House, Vol. 2


The first two releases Chilled Euphoria (2000) and Deep & Chilled Euphoria (2001) are helmed by Red Jerry. He mixes a smattering of commercial fare like Dido and Moby with a large helping of euphoric instrumentals remixed from popular club tunes sourced mainly from European and UK artists. Sure, the deeply gorgeous ambient remixes of anthems like Energy 52's "Cafe Del Mar" and The Thillseeker's "Synaesthesia" and can be found on dozens of other comps. But at least here we get them all in one place, sitting alongside many lesser known gems that compilers of standard commercial fare just wouldn't bother searching out. The tentative piano chords of Breeder's remixed "Twilo Thunder" and the cosmic sighs of Odessi's "Moments Of Ambience" are two compelling examples. Jerry even mixes in a long excerpt from the opus Music For Airports (1978) to great effect, the kind of old-school beatless ambient that's virtually unheard of in this context.

Like Red Jerry, UK trance duo Solar Stone went the extra yard in compiling their entry in the series Chilled Out Euphoria (2001) and it's full of revelations. It preserves the dreamy and accessible vibe of the previous two volumes, while being stylistically broader and having a slightly larger quota of obscure and underground tunes. On the commercial tip, the remix of "Milk" by American rockers Garbage is amazing: a dark, hypnotic trip-hop shuffle that's brilliantly beatmixed with a similarly themed instrumental from German act Beanfield. Chillout staples by ("Silence") and ("Papua New Guinea") both appear in fresh, rarely heard remixes. At the lesser-known end of the spectrum is some truly inspired choices: a gorgeous piece of vintage Berlin-school ambient trance from , pretty electropop from the Art Of Noise, and a rare appearance on a comp by new-school underground ambient guru .


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