Here is a list of albums on which Chris Barnes has appeared:
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  • Chris Barnes at the hospital following the incident. Photo: Holly Barnes' Facebook page
  • Chris Barnes is an Army National Guard veteran, Holly Barnes said in her post.
  • Shifting to a four-day teaching schedule was a big change for Chris Barnes.

Madame Bovary (Barnes & Noble Classics)


With the success of two death metal bands already under his belt ( and ), Chris Barnes joined the Finnish death metal band Torture Killer in the fall of 2005. At the time, Barnes said he was fully committed to the band, and appeared on the band's second album Swarm!, which was released on February 24, 2006. However, he left the band in January 2008.

There were speculations about Barnes returning to , which were denied by : "We have no plans to do anything with Chris Barnes ever again. It's not something any of us are interested in doing."[6] "it's nothing against , but we prefer to move forward rather than live in the past."[7]


Chris Barnes Retweeted Rob the ThrasheR

Upon their arrival, Deputy Chris Barnes came in contact with the driver of the vehicle, Mary Eveyleen Thomas, 82, 1993 Fowlers Grove Road, sitting up conscious behind the steering wheel of her 2005 Toyota Prius in a field.