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  • It’s a new trend called "Christian domestic discipline" which is raising some eyebrows.
  • Christian Domestic Discipline, or CDD, is an emerging trend that tells husbands to spank wives.

Love, Honor and Obey: A Domestic Discipline Romance

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Ever thought a marriage set strictly within the boundaries of Christian scripture sounded a bit dry? Think again. Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) is the practice of ensuring a Christian relationship is being conducted exactly the way God demands in the scripture: namely through a husband spanking his wife's naked posterior when she gets unruly.

Jun. 28, 2013 - 10:00 - Christian Domestic Discipline bloggers Tonna and Samuel talk to Alan about how they believe spanking is necessary to achieve a healthy relationship.


Christian Domestic Discipline Tells Husbands To Spank Wives

My husband and I practice “domestic discipline.” We are both Christians, but after a great deal of discussion, we don’t label our lifestyle as “Christian domestic discipline.”