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  • Chuck Pierce - Season of Opportunities in Global Crisis
  • Chuck Pierce mantles Glenn Beck. (Chuck Pierce/Facebook)
  • We are in a time of major warfare. So says prophetic minister Chuck Pierce.

The Spiritual Warfare Handbook: How to Battle, Pray and Prepare Your House for Triumph


Chuck Pierce was a kid in 's neighborhood While playing astronauts with the boys, Chuck was , was , and was . Chuck became a naval aviator, applied for (and rejected 3 times) in the 1990’s, and then became a private air captain.

On Sunday, Chuck Pierce–an influential prophet in the – to television and radio host Glenn Beck, a Mormon. The mantle was presented to Beck at Pierce’s Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas, during a church service Beck attended with his family.


So says prophetic minister Chuck Pierce

Another figure running the ‘Mobilizaiton Conference for The Call’ with Engle and Joyner is self-proclaimed apostle Barbara Yoder. Yoder says she is a follower of Peter Wagner, who is seen as the architect of the New Apostolic Reformation, and her lists her as a: “Member of Eagles’ Vision Apostolic Team led by Drs. Peter and Doris Wagner; Michigan State Coordinator Global Apostolic Prayer Network under Dr. Peter Wagner and Dr. Chuck Pierce; Member of the core faculty for Wagner Leadership Institute; Member of the International Coalition of Apostles under the direction of Dr. Peter Wagner.”