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Classic Rock Magazine June 2012

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Classic Rock dedicates their magazine to radio classic rock. Bands from around 1960 into the 90s are the focus of this popular British publication, but there are occasionally articles or reviews about more recent bands that are worth mentioning. The first issue of this fan favorite featured an article about Guns ‘n’ Roses written by journalist Mick Wall who had been insulted by Axl Rose in the lyrics of “Get in the Ring.” He still writes for Classic Rock to this day.


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From the likes of Dave Grohl to Chris Cornell, Jimi Hendrix and James Hetfield, you can catch up on the actions and the latest performances of some of the greatest rock musicians of yesteryear, as well as those that are still rocking out today. The magazine covers virtually all sub-genres of rock, although the more extreme tastes tends to be better covered by the more extreme magazines. However, you will still find articles on the likes of Slipknot and Metallica, so if it has guitars and it’s considered rock, you can read about it in Classic Rock magazine.