• Clifton Webb was an American actor, dancer and singer.
  • Clifton Webb in a 30's publicity photo.
  • Program signed by Lupe Velez, Toby Wing, and Clifton Webb
  • 1948 MM with Clifton Webb on broadway

Sitting Pretty

Too low to display

Clifton Webb was the most improbable of movie stars that one could imagine -- in an era in which leading men were supposed to be virile and bold, he was prissy and, well, downright fussy. Where the actors in starring roles were supposed to lead with their fists, or at least the suggestion of potential mayhem befalling those who got...

Biography: Clifton Webb was an American , , and singer known for his Oscar-nominated roles in such films as , , and . In the theatrical world he was known for his appearances in the plays of Noël Coward, notably Blithe Spirit, as well as career on Broadway in...


Clifton Webb, actor: Mr. Belvedere movies, Cheaper by the Dozen, etc.

You’ve probably never seen or heard of it, and Clifton Webb is probably unknown as well, though you might immediately recognize him, or his voice (he was the inspiration for Mr. Peabody on the , kids), in a “oh, that guy” way. But the picture was a hit, Webb already a big Hollywood star and would continue to be until his death in the early ’60s, and that suggests it illustrates some interesting changes in our culture. Plus, there are some rather rarified Traditionalist themes in it that add a special layer of interest.