The has had personal resonance for ABC News' Cokie Roberts.
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  • COKIE ROBERTS, BYLINE: Hi, Steve. That's true (laughter).
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Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation


COKIE ROBERTS: No, and that's where she really has a problem I think, it’s not so much the e-mails and all that because that's hard for voters to care about. But she's not on her game in these interviews, she's just not there yet. I did think she said one thing that I think we’re going to be hearing a lot about. She said, what voters care about is who will be there when they need them. And I think that's going to be her theme. And that somewhat plays into the grandmother theme. Because, you know, your grandmother is there when you need her. And I think that's a way of dealing with this age issue. Because that's going to be a real issue.

MSNBC might have to build a deeper tank . . . so Cokie Roberts can dive into it for Hillary. On today's Morning Joe, Roberts of NPR complained about the resources the FBI is devoting to the investigation of Hillary Clinton's misuse of email. Carped Cokie: "Don't they have other problems? There's no crime in the country they should be worrying about?"


COKIE ROBERTS, BYLINE: Hi, Steve. That's true (laughter).

Cokie Roberts holds more than twenty honorary degrees, serves on the boards of several non-profit institutions and on the President's Commission on Service and Civic Participation. The Library of Congress named her a "Living Legend," one of the very few Americans to have attained that honor. She is the mother of two and grandmother of six.