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50's Ultimate Rock & Roll Collection


The Treasury Department engaged the consulting firm to conduct the study in 1997, which confirmed the Mint's demand, seigniorage and numismatic profit projections for the program. Among other conclusions, the study found that 98 million Americans were likely to save one or more full sets of the quarters (at the program's conclusion, the Mint estimated that 147 million Americans collected the 50 state quarters). Nevertheless, the Treasury Department continued to oppose the program and declined to proceed with it without a congressional mandate to do so.

This deluxe classroom collection of 50 number-coded unmounted 1" specimens is ideal for all earth science studies. Specimens include examples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, ores, and gemstones. Nine of the ten hardness levels from the Mohs scale of hardness are included (all but diamond, the hardest). A cardboard storage box with a compartmented tray and are included.


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