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Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary of American English with CD-ROM (Collins COBUILD Dictionaries of English)


The Collins Corpus, an unparalleled and constantly updated 4.5-billion-word database of today’s English language, is at the heart of all Collins ELT publishing. Explanations, examples and special features in Collins ELT material are based on analysis of this Corpus. Learners can therefore trust Collins to help them speak and write accurate, effective and up-to-date English.

Collins ELT is part of Collins Language, pioneers in dictionary publishing since 1819 and a division of HarperCollins Publishers in the UK. The new Collins ELT publishing programme includes an innovative range of self-study materials for exam preparation, business English and general English. Collins also publishes the highly-respected COBUILD reference range.


Collins ELT Readers: Amazing Leaders (Level 4) '