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Command Authority (A Jack Ryan Novel)


Since 1970s onward, the National Command Authority is responsible for policy formulation and will exercise employment and development control over all strategic nuclear forces and strategic organizations. It consists of an Employment Control Committee and a Development Control Committee, as well as the Strategic Plans Division (SPD) which acts as its Secretariat. The is responsible for the management and administration of the country's tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile. It was created the same year as the NCA was formed.

Yeah I know…..it’s tough to post everyday. That’s why I included the 2 words “Command Authority” in the title. No namby-pamby junk here. We want to separate the pretenders from the contenders and most of the real players post each day.


How to Command Authority | Pro Remodeler

Mark Greaney is a world-beater; it is an asset that is demonstrated in full glory here, as the authors give readers an over-the-shoulder view of locales familiar and otherwise while maintaining a number of hairtrigger plots and well-considered pacing to bring home the goods yet again. If COMMAND AUTHORITY is in fact the last Clancy novel, then this series is certainly ending on a high note; if not, then Clancy and Greaney have set a high mark to reach and exceed.