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Suunto M-3G Global Compass


Mapping software makes it possible to create customized maps that offer a larger scale (say, 1:12,000 or lower) to provide greater detail. Customized commercial maps are also sometimes created at these larger scales. This is especially useful for off-trail explorers who want to choose passageways through saddles or passes that offer the least resistance.

Kompass Wanderkarten produces excellent hiking/topographic maps of the popular hiking regions of Germany, Austria (especially the Tirol), and Italy (especially the Dolomites and South Tirol). Map scale is typically 1:25,000 to 1:50,000. These maps are all topographic maps with contour lines, hiking trails, hiking information such as huts, etc. They often contain a guide booklet describing the hiking routes and scenery. We recommend these maps over the government topographic maps due to the added hiking and tourist information. This is particularly true for the Italian region maps as the Italian government topographic maps tend to be quite old. Nearly all map and text information (a few guides are multilingual including English, some are in German) is in Italian only but please do not let that stop your buying them - they are excellent, useful maps.


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