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Conceived in Sewage


Devourment is set to release Conceived in Sewage Feb. 19th. They've released a lyric video for the song "Fifty Ton War Machine" and it is brutal:

This is my very first review so I hope all goes well. I'm not a writer, but I certainly would like to improve my writing skills. Ok, now let's begin. The things I judge most on an album are if the album has original material, riffs, solos, etc., yet is memorable with something that pulls the listener in and makes him/her want more, or has the listener wanting to repeat listening to the album and would want to listen to the album in the next 5, 10, or even 20 years. So now I would like to start my review with this brutal death metal band Devourment and their new album, Conceived in Sewage.

Well, let's begin with the production. The guitar production is pretty damn solid, sounding brutal and has that edgy tone you would expect of any album of the brutal death metal genre. The tone is well-suited for this style of playing. Now for the drums. The drum playing is typical and the drum production is ok. It's loud enough where it stands out from the other instruments, but I think it could be produced a little louder and have a tighter sounding snare. They also went overboard with the cymbal work. How about the bass guitar? Forget it! You can barely hear the bassist, something that is typical in the new death metal scene, which is what makes me always prefer old school death metal over this new age brutal death metal. The vocals are different from the other albums Devourment has done. It's not as guttural as the Butcher the Weak album, but I do, however, think that it's a good thing when bands like this change the vocal patterns a little. All in all, it's pretty solid.

The reason why this rating is low is simple. It's not an album that makes you think "holy shit! This is out of this world!". The riffs are reused and recycled and the whole album's riffs are just everywhere at once. One second it's a low chugging riff and the song instantly changes to a high-pitched "wheeew" sorta riff. It's like that in every single song. In fact, I could not tell one song apart from the other because it is all blended into one song. Not one thing stood out. I feel as though a lot of bands these days forget about good songwriting where they get a good riff going and never go back to that riff. It just goes on and on and on and never comes back to the good riff. I'll get into those kinds of bands another time because the thing is this band's new album is just recycled riffs with some solos and some high-pitched notes at the end. It blends into each song. This may as well be just one 36 minute song. Good thing it is 36 minutes because if this album were to drag on longer I would have to give it a lower score.

To wrap this up, the production is solid, but the music is repetitive and boring. I would not buy this album or any album like it. I think when it comes to this band, once you have Butcher the Weak, that's all you really need.

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Devourment Conceived in Sewage CD

01. Legalize Homicide
02. Fifty Ton War Machine
03. Conceived In Sewage
04. Fucked With Rats
05. March To Megiddo
06. Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill
07. Heaving Acid
08. Carved Into Ecstasy
09. Parasitic Eruption