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  • Rounding out the field is Conjunto Primavera, master of the norteno romantic ballad.
  • Conjunto Primavera's members knew that to survive, they needed a distinctive sound.

35 Aniversario [2 CD]


Conjunto Primavera were formed on the first day of spring in 1978 by the saxophonist Juan Dominguez. They remained a local act for several years, and signed with an indie label, Joey Records, in San Antonio, Texas. Their first major success was with the album "Me Nortie", released…

By the time Conjunto Primavera joined the roster of regional Mexican monolith Fonovisa Records in 1996, the romantically inclined sextet had already become one of the leading norteño acts of the day, and yet their popularity only continued to grow, as they began regularly topping the regional charts with their bottomless well of hits. As is typical of bands like Conjunto Primavera, they incorporate saxophone into their sound, and this sets them apart from norteño contemporaries like Los Tigres del Norte who aren't from the same region of Mexico. The saxophone is a signature component of norteño acts from Chihuahua, the large, mainly arid northwestern state across the border from New Mexico and Texas. Taking their name from the term (a style often considered synonymous with norteño, yet distinct in some minor ways), Conjunto Primavera are classified generally as a norteño act; however, they perform songs in a variety of styles, including rancheras, cumbias, boleros, and ballads. Their romantic bent is especially noteworthy, as some of their contemporaries, like the aforementioned Tigres del Norte, for example, eschew such sentiment, favoring corridos instead.


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In tribute to Mexican regional bands and singers, the Venezuelan singer/songwriter wil release an album of duets featuring Conjunto Primavera, Espinoza Paz, Julión Álvarez, Pepe Aguilar and Gerardo Ortiz, among others.