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  • Uzbekistan, Czech Republic consider issues of developing cooperation
  • Taoiseach backs all-island forum to consider Brexit issues
  • Texans consider key issues before voting on Super Tuesday

Consider the Issues (4th Edition)


The sides considered issues of further expanding relations in such areas as fuel-energy, banking-finance, agriculture and water management, transport and transport communication, food industry, electrotechnical and tourism. They also discussed issuing of increasing number of joint ventures and increasing trade turnover, as well as implementation of perspective projects.

Example - CP was discharged by Respondent, and appealed his removal to a state personnel board. The board found that the removal was justifiedfor unsatisfactory performance. The board's decision was upheld by a statecourt, which lacked jurisdiction to consider new issues. CP filed an EEOCcharge alleging that his discharge was based on race. CP would beprecluded from relitigating whether his discharge was based on satisfactoryperformance; however, he could still try to establish, under a mixed-motiveanalysis, that his discharge was also based on unlawful discrimination.


You should consider carefully before taking out a home equity loan.