• BLUE Counter Books (Duplicate)
  • TREELINE A4 Counter Book - 288 Pages
  • TREELINE A4 Counter Book - 288 Pages
  • The Number One Aussie Counting Book, by Heath McKenzie

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What’s more fabulous than a counting book for kids? A counting book with a cat, of course! Everyone who knows me knows I am a crazy cat person and Brooke loved this book because the orange Cleo the cat looks like a neighbor’s cat who hangs out at our place named Freddy. So we decided while reading we would turn Cleo’s name into ‘Freddy’ and we had a fun time counting to ten and then backwards back to one.

Cleo’s Counting Book is a fun counting book with Cleo the orange cat as the narrator. That Cleo sure loves to count – forwards and backwards! She finds something to count for each number one through ten and has a great time doing it. The artwork is adorable (originally done in acrylics) and as a ‘cat-family’ we enjoyed seeing ‘Freddy’ on each page. Super cute!


1-2-3 Va-Va-Vroom! A Counting Book - A picture book trailer.