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I Play Chicken With The Train (with Big & Rich)

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Cowboy Troy’s passion for interlacing country, rap and hip hop shines through on the entire album, but in particular “Countdown to Vacation.” His ability to take a slower paced song about the beach with extreme instrumentals and pair it with rap showcases his immense talent. It’s that passion and talent that has him taking the country music genre by storm.

By 1999, Troy was asking for time off at his job managing a Foot Locker and heading to Nashville to shop his rap-meets-country demos. was now working with and the two were busy hosting their "Muzik Mafia" nights -- a performer's roundtable known for its risk-taking attitude. Troy's style fit right in and he spent the next three years perfecting his live show. He was more than ready when Big & Rich asked him to appear on their debut album. Horse of a Different Color became a massive hit and the sold-out tour that accompanied it included a showstopping appearance from Cowboy Troy. Performing "Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)" with the duo on the 2004 Country Music Association Awards made Troy only the second black artist to take the stage at the show, the first being 38 years earlier.


Cowboy Troy often raps in Spanish as well as English.

Cowboy Troy: When you start writing your own songs, you tend to draw upon those experiences, whatever they may be, and put those together and make a hodge-podge, almost, of music. That's where the idea of comes from. When you see a dance floor get packed with cowboys and cowgirls whenever a Nelly or Ludacris song comes on, you know there's a place for it. It's not just my friends in the 'hood listening to it, it's my friends out in the sticks listening to it as well. It's the kind of thing I'm drawn to and draw upon to make my music the best it can be.