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  • The crucible of conflict in the middle east is based on ethnic differences.
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Cold War Crucible: The Korean Conflict and the Postwar World


Leading historians politically agree that the cradle of civilization (The Middle East) has been the crucible of conflict and the graveyard of empires. The examples they give are numerous to illustrate their concept. Thus, we are expected as rational intelligent beings to learn a lesson or two.

Finally, we have to ask ourselves the following questions. When will our involvement in the Middle East end? Should we continue to be embroiled in that region until their oil dries up? Will the U.S. be bogged down in the Middle East for decades to come, resulting in the breakdown of one of the greatest empires in history? Will our over-involvement in that region bankrupt us further, and lead our house of cards and fiat money to implode and collapse? Will our parasitism and obsession with power and money lead us into the abyss like every other superpower before us? Will the U.S. become another lesson in history muddled in the crucible of conflict and the graveyard of empires? Stay tuned for the next target, destination “Lebanon.”


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